A Dating Service Providing Introductions and Relationship Consulting

A Matchmaking Firm catering to executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and high profile singles from the ages of 25 - 70 years old who are seeking serious, long-term relationships.
A discreet & safe place to date.
An Award-Winning Firm With a 95 Percent Success Rate


Our clients are men and women who have no time and zero tolerance for online dating, and dates that go no-where. 


Our clients are busy singles who delegate the task to finding their love with precision and executing the desires they seek in a partner to the Tessa Loren Matchmaking Firm.


Whether you're single, separated, divorced or widowed, the Tessa Loren's Matchmaking Firms Introductions & Relationship Consulting helps you get back on track and excited for what's ahead in finding love.  Here to help guide and assist you each step of the way.  We build relationships, not profiles. and we are pleased to give you the attention and service you deserve. 


We personally and selectively hand pick your introductions. We work one hundred percent in person.  

All introductions are done by hand selection and are intuitively matched.  We do not use computer algorithms to match our clients.


As an Executive Matchmaker and Relationship Expert we offer exquisite service and introductions. You work solely with Wanda Ewasiuk - your personal Matchmaker and Consultant.


Our approach is like meeting through a trusted friend.  He picks her up from her home and takes her out for a nice romantic date.  He is a gentleman, she is a lady.  They're both kind, gentle, and show respect for the other, as they're both in the same situation, all while feeling safe dating in our confidential and discreet matchmaking firm. 


Looking to find ever lasting love, our clients enjoy the moments in life with their match where communication exists, thoughtfulness, and respecting the others view points and opinions so they too can receive the same level of respect in return.  Where our clients can love and feel loved in return.  A place to find your best friend, lover and companion all in one person.

Welcome to a level of dating that you deserve.

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WANDA EWASIUK, Certified and Professional Matchmaker, Relationship Expert & Therapist.  With Her Intuitive Wisdom And Her Extraordinary Expertise, She'll Critique You And Look At What Needs To Be Altered For You To Find Your Happily Ever After. ~ Offered To Both Ladies And Gentlemen.

As a Relationship Expert I Am Here To Guide You Into The Life Of Relationships.  We Will Strategize Together To Ensure Success In Your Dating Life And Get It To The Solid State Of A Happy, Healthy, And Long Lasting Love.


serving Canada & USA

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here's what a few of my clients had to say

"My experience with Tessa Loren has far exceeded my expectations.  Wanda Ewasiuk's overall approach creates excellence in customer service.  She is attentive, she is thorough and she is totally dedicated to her mandates.  Wanda was very good at identifying our respective attributes and subsequently introduced us based on our compatibility.  Five years later, everything is wonderful."


-L & M

"My experience with Tessa Loren was unlike anything I could have imagined.  Wanda genuinely loves what she does and gets such joy out of matching you with your soulmate.  Her bubbly and outgoing personality is exactly what I was looking for in a matchmaker and I must say, that the results are remarkable!  She matched me with the love of my life and I couldn't be happier!  Thanks Wanda."


- T & M

"We are getting Married!  Words cannot express our sincere gratitude to Tessa Loren and most importantly to Wanda Ewasiuk for introducing the two of us.  She was able to do something that we couldn't do on our own.  Wanda's ability to understand what we were both looking for in a life partner was truly incredible.  Her warm yet professional approach to the sensitive matter of your heart, is something we both loved about Wanda.  Thank you Wanda, see you at our wedding."


- C & B

"Our connection is so intense people around us can feel it and want to know what makes our relationship so strong.  We tell them we both have never before found someone that we have connected to like we have with each other.  We are so grateful for your insight into our personalities and that you chose this profession that we just wanted to say, Thank You, even though that doesn't seem to be enough!"


- T & L

"I was hesitant at first as I've never hired a matchmaker before but I just want to say, wow.  Wish I would have done this long ago.  I couldn't be more pleased with the results of not only being matched to a beautiful lady, both inside and out, but the advice and guidance throughout.  Thank you Wanda."


- S & K

"You are a class-act.  Your professionalism, confidence in finding me my match and your positive attitude made my journey with Tessa Loren both interesting and exciting.  I always looked forward to hearing from you and getting together for our consulting sessions.  I highly recommend your services to every single I come across.  Thanks again."


- D.T

"I can't tell you how much fun I've had working with you.  You've made me laugh at times when I needed it, lifted me up when I was feeling low and you never gave up on me.  You've made into a completely different man, which in turn allowed for me to meet that one truly amazing woman.  I often think about what you've done for my confidence, my love life and my over-all experience with a matchmaker.  Thank you!  You are a must for anyone who has gone through all the online dating sites I have and came up with nothing, until I found Tessa Loren.  I truly believe in the matchmaking process."


- G.T

"Wanda's professionalism and upbeat personality are second to none.  In a world where so many services come with the same cookie cutter approach, I assure you that Wanda goes out of her way to personalize everything she does based on her clients' unique needs and situations.  I am a big believer in the Tessa Loren approach and I am a huge fan of Wanda Ewasiuk."


- L.R

Where do I begin?  Wanda, you've made the process simple, yet effective.  You were always honest and upfront and I always appreciated that.  I felt you had my back the entire time and you became like a trusted friend.  Thanks for treating your service like a friend who was always there to help instead of like an institution like so many others.  I can't thank you enough.


- T.K

"I had the best times with you.  I looked forward to our sessions.  You're a wealth of knowledge and I'm impressed with the amount of new techniques I've learned from you.  It was refreshing hearing your perspectives on relationships in this world of modern dating.  I highly recommend you, you're a true pro."


- D.O

"The caliber of ladies you have are beyond what I had anticipated.  Very impressive!  I highly recommend your services, thank you for all you've done for me and for my love life."


- K.B 

"Like I had mention to you before, when I booked a session with you, admittedly I did think it was going to be like other coaches I had hired but I still can't believe how different your approach was.  It was simply, yet so effective for me.  I love how you understood my needs and were able to help me adjust certain things in such a way that became so successful for me.  Now I'm going to come to you for every area in my life. LOL.  Thanks again Wanda."


- J.C

"Thank you for helping me get my life back on track.  I really started to feel helpless, but your confidence in me and my future relationships really encouraged me.  It's hard to imagine now how my love life was running before I met you, I was a train wreck, but not anymore.  I feel like a whole new person.  Many thanks to you Wanda."


- S.D

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