Our Story

Happily married, Wanda felt the need to help singles become their best selves by first helping them to learn to love themselves before they try and love another.  The impact this has made has been tremendous.  We often look to others to love us more than we love ourselves, therefore putting expectations on the other to do what we won't do for ourselves, hence forming attachments.

Hearing all the dating stories from her single friends and truly being inspired by the television reality show "Million Dollar Matchmaker" she decided to become a certified Matchmaker from the Matchmaking Institute out of New York, NY as well as obtaining her certificate as a Therapist. Along with her certificate as a Life Coach and a certified Hypnotherapist ~ currently on the board of Professional Hypnotherapists, she is fully loaded in ensuring her clients are taken care of in all spectrums of their life.  Including creating the Tessa Loren Academy where she now trains and certifies Matchmakers, instilling ethical practices within the industry.


While Wanda has been divorced once and is currently in her second marriage of seventeen years, she still retains a wonderful relationship with her ex-husband and he still feels like part of the family.  Wanda's clients range from divorcees, widows and individuals that are just plain single.

Wanda absolutely loves each and every one of her clients and admires all the ladies in the Matchmakers Club.  She attributes her success to the many individuals who are truly seeking help and has so much gratitude for those who are taking an active step towards bettering themselves so they can obtain the relationship(s) they truly deserve and desire.


Ewasiuk's clientele consists of professionals, executives and high profile men seeking their match.  She appreciates that they value the services she has to offer and she comes highly recommended.

Wanda Ewasiuk does not use computer algorithms to match her singles, yet bases her matches solely on intuition.  "If you sit still enough, the gut always knows", says Ewasiuk.

"Each of our clients become family to us.  I get to know them in such a personal way and I love the full disclosure and how comfortable they feel with me, and I with them. I believe your partner in life is the most important decision you will make, therefore, we all need our lover, our confidant, our admirer and our best friend."


- Wanda Ewasiuk


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