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You're simply looking for your Best Friend.  Someone to share your life with, to laugh with, to create memories with.  Your companion in life, the one to share your dreams with and will love you like you love them.

We are all out to find someone who will make us happy but the truth of it is, we are actually looking for that someone who feels familiar.  We need someone to love us in a way in which we recognize as love.  As a Relationship Therapist I understand love and relationships.  Being able to match singles and turning 'me' into 'we' is more than just common values and morals, it's about learning and identifying your love languages, where you're coming from, and where you're going when it comes to relationships.

You want more than just a relationship, you want to be able to have a solid foundation of love, compassion and understanding.  After all, look around us, how many failed relationships do you see and hear on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?  Far too many!

We get frustrated, annoyed, distraught and then feel like love and relationships are complicated, which in fact, WE are complicated as human beings, not love.

I consult many singles and couples in healthy directions but first, we need to make sure we are willing to be that better half and not put expectations on the other.  This is where you come first.  First make yourself that person you'd want to date.