From Tessa Loren's book of love ...


Words of advice from the Tessa loren matchmaking firm . . .

If you don't face it, you replace it

You may leave relationship after relationship but you see, you still have to take YOU with you!

Give people a chance

First impressions can be deceiving as most aren't relaxed so therefore are not themselves.  Due to the fact that no one likes rejection, they'll do anything for love.  Being liked by another is very important to people, therefore will do most anything to make a great first impression.  However, the other individual isn't getting the real you, so just take a deep breath, relax and just know that you are extremely lovable!

Do not play hard to get, this is not the '80s

There is nothing worst than trying to make the other person work hard for your affection!  You either like the other person too or you don't!  No one likes games!

Be vulnerable

There is nothing wrong with expressing your current feelings in a new relationship, no one is perfect.  If anything they'll be more relatable to you

Expressing and laughing about your vulnerabilities with another actually brings you closer, not farther away from each other.  Being real with another allows them to relate to you, hence, not feeling alone!

How people treat you is a direct response to how you feel about yourself

Ever notice how some people are treated like gods, while others seem to get walked over?  It's a direct reflection of what's going on inside them.  It's a human mirror!  Be aware of how you feel about yourself.  You are literally teaching others how to treat you without even realizing it!

You only trust others to the level you trust yourself.

Suspicious minds are created out of ones own mind!  Be aware.  People that are hiding something, have something to hide.  Full disclosure or Non disclosure?  You choose!

People will blame others of what they're guilty of

Ever been accused of some of the most outrageous allegations?  If you're innocent, time to do some research!

You will only put up with as much abuse (mentally, emotionally) from others as you do from yourself

Know that you are a loveable, worthy, kind, beautiful, caring human being and that there is someone out there that can hardly wait to be introduced to you!  You are a gift, Not a hinderance.  Know your worth so that others can also see it!

You will literally attract the thoughts you think

Think you're great?  So will others.  Think you're sexy?  Others will also find you sexy.  Think you're intelligent?  Others will also find you intelligent.  We act out what our thoughts are.  Be mindful of your thoughts!

Beliefs are a habit of thoughts

Repetitious thoughts create beliefs.  Beliefs about ourselves and others.  May your thoughts be positively powerful!

Never judge a book by its cover

Some of the most amazing memories in life come in unexpected packaging and moments!

Don't ever sugarcoat situations

No need to add mental weight gain!

Who do you think you are

You are known by your friends and the company you keep!

Don't steal time

Do not be a time waster, either you're interested or you're not!

The two most important words - Love & Respect

These two words go hand-in-hand.  To show love is to be respectful.  Acting selfish and inconsiderate is not showing respect for the other and definitely not showing LOVE!