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Why First Impressions Matter

From the moment you set eyes on another person you are assessing who they are.  From top to bottom your eyes are like lasers taking in every movement, sound, and smell.   Interpreting in only a matter of seconds whether or not there may be a connection.   We are so quick to judge on instant sight.  We judge how we feel about another by past, and present experiences.  

How to present yourself

It's all about packaging.  How we package ourselves dictates the buyer!  May sound cold but look at it like this.  We present ourselves every single day.  Want a raise at work, you tend to dress up a bit more than usual.  You're more attentive to your physical appearance, therefore to be noticed and appreciated in a valuable way.  Same goes for dating.  You are looking to connect with someone you feel is on the same level as you and higher.  Just like a boss.  You want to look the part.  You want others to notice that you take pride in your appearance, therefore giving the impression that if you take care of yourself, you also take care of all areas of your life.  You want to be attentive, fit, active, responsible, admired, adored, reliable.  Now show this on the outside.  Respect for yourself shows through in your appearance and lets others know that you've got this!

Men - nice clean shoes and an attractive watch are a tell tale sign that a man values the finer things, therefore also seeks this in a partner.

Ladies - nice teeth, smile, fit physique along with being nicely dressed shows a man that you take care of yourself.  Your image matters because you value who you are and what you have to offer.

First date impressions

What both sexes watch when on a first date is how the other reacts to them!  Do they seem to be happy they're with me at this moment?  Are they bored, excited, overly anxious?  Giving off a good vibe (energy) is enough to let the other know that you're happy right where you are, with them!  Paying compliments to one another also lets the other know that you noticed something about them and you admired it.  

Flirting - flirting is simply just looking into their eyes softly, giving little touches, laughing at what they're saying, and simply just appreciating and admiring the other.  No need to over think this one!

When interested in the other, let them know.  Tell them you had a great time with them and would love to go out again.  If it's reciprocated, great, make the plans right there and then!  No need to wait a few days, week, month to arrange.  Todays a gift, don't take for granted tomorrow will ever come.  Strike while it's hot!

First date locations

The big moment of where to take your date, I mean after all, first impressions matter right?  Now depending on how you've met in the first place (if not through a Matchmaker), this will dictate whether it's going to be a coffee date or fine dining.

When is it okay to go on a coffee date? I personally do not like coffee dates because there's nothing romantic about coffee, nor the fact that it just screams 'cheap date' to me.  However, lots of singles meet online and agree to meet at coffee shops, this is to make sure that they're meeting who they 'think' they've met online.  People do scam others online so I can see where this would be a safe place to meet (if you have not used a Matchmaker, obviously).

When should a date be taken to dinner?  

Always!  A lady needs to be courted.  I'm only old fashioned when it comes to dating.  Men need to be gentlemen and ladies need to be ladies. 

Who pays for the date?  

Men!  Always!  What if I'm a lady and I ask a guy out? - If he's a gentleman he'll offer to pay!  If you're apart of the LGBT community, then it's the person asking out that pays.  

Date activities

Coffee, dinner, something active and fun!


Wanda Ewasiuk CMM is a Professional Matchmaker, RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapist) and CHt Certified Hypnotherapist.  To book Wanda for a session, click here.


Keeping the relationship

Healthy Relationships 

Staying in a relationship is work!  It usually becomes work the moment you have taken your partner for granted.  Love and appreciation for your partner at all times, especially during the tough times is a must!  When I say tough times, I generally mean when the other has not displayed love.  If you're not in a healthy relationship, hence - mental, emotional and/or physical abuse then it is wise to remove yourself.  But other struggles such as not feeling appreciated, respected, admired but most of all loved, then this is where you both have to buckle down and communicate.  Communicate in any way you need to.  People all have different ways of communicating.  Some act out - looking for attention.  Some scream and shout - looking to be heard.  Some go into a time out and disappear for a small period of time (hour(s) - while they go cool down.  Some go silent - looking to be missed, and/or for attention.  Understanding how your partner communicates is half the battle.  You two may communicate in different ways, just understand how the other communicates so that you are able to communicate to them in a way they understand.  

We often communicate and act out the same way we did as adolescence.  Whatever worked for us as children, we still use as adults.  Unfortunately, these old patterns of responding don't always fair so well as adults.

We were meant to be with a partner

We are meant to care, love, communicate, understand and serve others.  The one we choose as a partner is the one we look at to serve and compliment a part of us that we feel we are lacking but most importantly, that we feel the most familiar with.  The missing puzzle piece.  Having said that, it is not that we as an individual are lacking anything, we just want a partner that compliments us as a duo.  Someone we can confide in, trust, share intimate moments with, enjoy lives pleasures and treasures with.  To share every intimate detail of our life with.  So why is this so hard...?

It's not hard, we are just too self serving at times.  We become over judgemental, over critical, over sensitive, over zealous, over protective and then we put walls around us to the point where no one can get in and we say things like "there's no one out there for me!"  "All the good ones are taken!"  "My true love is not in this City!"  We make excuses to justify our own judgements to ensure that we are protecting ourselves.  The problem is, we expect our love partners to understand us and automatically know what's going on with us, much like a child-parent relationship.  How do we change this...?

We can change our beliefs by changing our thoughts.  If you think there is no one out there for you, you will literally find no one!  But if you have an open mind and allow someone wonderful to come into your life by simply holding back all judgement, criticism, try to ease up on being too sensitive or zealous and just focus on loving and appreciating others without expectations.  Then just watch what happens!  Your life doesn't change unless you change!

We all hold certain beliefs, whether true or not.  The wonderful thing is, we have choices and we can choose to believe whatever we want to.  Wouldn't it be easier and more rewarding to believe in the best as opposed to the worst?  You have the freedom to choose!


Wanda Ewasiuk CMM is a Professional Matchmaker, RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapist) and CHt Certified Hypnotherapist.  To book Wanda for a session, click here. You do not need to be a member of the Tessa Loren Matchmaking Firm to book Wanda.   


Investing In a Matchmaker

What our matchmaking firm offers our clients:

  • Attractive & intelligent singles 
  • Like minded, quality singles
  • Professional guidance
  • Background checks 
  • Discreet & Confidential service
  • Feedback after your date and ongoing support
  • Hand pick & select your perfect match
  • Show pictures 
  • Coaching/Therapy/Hypnotherapy
  • If we do not have any in your location, we will refer you to a reputable company in your vicinity

Once our matchmaker has gathered your criteria, she is able to identify your match without having to sift through hundreds of profiles. We are very selective to ensure we have made a successful match.

With invaluable knowledge and experience the firm is sought out by those who value their time, relationships, and privacy.

You hire a financial planner to invest your money, a realtor when investing in your home, a personal trainer when investing in your physical health. Single, relationship minded men and women come to Tessa Loren when investing in their life partner.



If you don't face it, you replace it

You may leave relationship after relationship but you see, you still have to take YOU with you!

Give people a chance, first impressions can be deceiving as most aren't relaxed so therefore are not themselves

Due to the fact that no one likes rejection, they'll do anything for love.  Being liked by another is very important to people, therefore will do most anything to make a great first impression.  However, the other individual isn't getting the real you, so just take a deep breath, relax and just know that you are extremely loveable! 

Do not play hard to get, this is not the '80s

There is nothing worse than trying to make the other person work hard for your affection!  You either like the other person too or you don't!  No one likes games!

Be vulnerable, there is nothing wrong with expressing your current feelings in a new relationship, no one is perfect.  If anything you'll be more relatable

Expressing and laughing about your vulnerabilities with another actually brings you closer, not farther away from each other.  Being real with another allows them to relate to you, hence, not feeling alone!

How people treat you is a direct response to how you feel about yourself

Ever notice how some people are treated like gods, while others seem to get walked over?  It's a direct reflection of what's going on inside them.  It's a human mirror!  Be aware of how you feel about yourself.  You are literally teaching others how to treat you without even realizing it!

You only trust others to the level you trust yourself.

Suspicious minds are created out of ones own mind!  Be aware.

People that are hiding something, have something to hide.

Full disclosure or Non disclosure?  You choose!

People will blame others of what they're guilty of or from past experiences

Ever been accused of some of the most outrageous allegations?  If you're innocent, time to do some research! Take the time to communicate and find out the real reason behind the blame.

You will only put up with as much abuse (mentally, emotionally) from others as you do from yourself

Know that you are a lovable, worthy, kind, beautiful, caring human being and that there is someone out there that can hardly wait to be introduced to you!  You are a gift, Not a hinderance.  Know your worth so that others can also see it!

You will literally attract the thoughts you think

Think you're great?  So will others.  Think you're sexy?  Others will also find you sexy.  Think you're intelligent?  Others will find you brilliant.  We act out what our thoughts are.  Be mindful of your thoughts!

Beliefs are a habit of thoughts

Repetitious thoughts create beliefs.  Beliefs about ourselves and others.  May your thoughts be positively powerful!

Never judge a book by its cover

Some of the most amazing memories in life come in unexpected packaging and moments!

Don't ever sugarcoat situations

No need to add mental weight gain!

Who do you think you are

You are known by your friends and the company you keep!

Don't steal time

Do not be a time waster, either you're interested or not!

The two most important words - Love & Respect

These two words go hand-in-hand.  To show love is to be respectful.  Acting selfish and inconsiderate is not showing respect for the other and definitely not showing LOVE!