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Gentlemanly Advice

Now, You Were Probably Thinking This Is Where I Tell You To Keep Your Hygiene In Check, Clean Nails, Nice Shoes And To Watch Your Language And Don't Forget To Open The Car Door And Pull Out Her Chair For Her.  Well, Surprise!  While Those Are All Gentlemen Like Attributes, And Quite Commonly Known, I Am Here To Teach You Where The Love Campaign Really Begins...




Women do not look at attractiveness the same as men do.  They look at body language – tone of voice, eye contact.  How you’re put together, physical physique, style of dressing and how accurate it represents who you are.  Genetics – face/body.  For the most part, what’s attractive to women is in your control!



High Internal Value


You have high self worth and you show it through all your actions.  Not cockiness.  The difference?  Cockiness is comparison – I’m better than you or you’re not as cool as me.  Lowering other people’s values to raise yours.  Real self worth is – I’m not better or worse than anyone else, I’m just awesome!  People think about you the way YOU think about you.  People connect with the real you, not by what you say.  Here are some ways to raise your internal value through your dating behaviour.


-Stop trying to convince women to like you.  Start encouraging them to convince you to like them!  If you truly value yourself, you have specific things you are looking for in a woman and you want to see if she has them.  When you demonstrate that without coming off like you’re trying to be superior to her, it’s wildly attractive.  Most guys women reject have no standards at all, they aren’t really looking for anything specific, and she feels special if she meets your specific standards that doesn’t have anything to do with how she looks. Don’t say or do something just to get a woman’s approval.

-Take every insult you get from a woman a huge compliment.  Your self worth is so high it doesn’t even enter your reality that someone wouldn’t also think you’re amazing.  So if you get an insult or someone gives you a hard time, just smile and say “you’re a sweetheart, thanks so much”, truly take it as a compliment.

-If you get interrupted during your story by a server or by your date, do not continue to tell your story unless you’re asked to.  Move the conversation forward or let it go.  Your ability to do this displays extreme self-confidence because you don’t feel the need to finish your awesome story, just to convince her to like you.  It’s a small thing but very powerful.




  • Unrealistic Expectations

We often desire what we are not ourselves and once we have that person with those desired expectations, we then feel we have become what we desire.  However, you must already be what you want to get.  Unfortunately this is a huge misconception of a relationship, therefore, keeping you single (and possibly in La La Land).


  • Negative Perceptions

I hear constant complaints from men claiming women are gold diggers.  This must mean that men feel as though women only want them for their money.  Which also tells me that these men feel they have nothing else to offer besides money therefore not feeling adequate enough for the lady, hence, keeping you single!  And when you DO meet someone you like QUIT TALKING ABOUT ALL YOUR MONEY!


  • Simply Have Lost Touch Of Being a Gentleman

I’d like to thank all and every dating app and online dating sites for this one.  You don’t have to actually interact and have a human touch-type of interaction.  You can be Joe Cool over the computer keyboard but unfortunately become Joe Drool once you finally have a face-to-face with them!  Hooks up are happening every minute of the day, even as we speak someone is hooking up and praying they don’t become someones baby Daddy! 


  • Be Real

Everyone both men AND women are so busy trying to live their ‘Best Lie’ that they’re no longer relatable!  Start treating everyone you meet and especially those you want to connect with and actually have a long term intimate relationship with like you already LOVE them.  Seriously, you CAN crush this.  Pun intended! ;)


  • Your Shit Stinks Too

Look, at the end of the day, we all put our pants, and panties on the same way.  Right leg first, unless you’re one of those weird ones who puts in your left leg first, but hey, not here to judge. We’re all weird, just have to find your kind of weird. If you want someone to love you, you too must love them!


  • You’re Not Fun

Look, I get it, work life hands us many stresses, and exes included.  Don’t let life get you down, you’re here to raise the roof and live your best life!  Chances are, if you’re reading this you are one of the following; widowed, divorced or simply single.  Widows, well you don’t apply here, unless it’s been years and your still pining over your lost one.  Look, you had plenty years of live, love, laugh.  Time to move forward and quit holding yourself back from all the joy you still having coming to you.  If you’re divorced, well keep this in mind - YOU are someones ex too! And if you’re simply single - never married, no real relationship and over 40.  Well, we need to talk!


But what if I’m shy?

Introduce yourself as a ‘shy guy’, make it your new name, it’s ok to claim it (for the moment, anyhow).  Trust me, some chicks will eat this up.  We’re women, we love a project!  So if we can change you, it’s like we’ve completed our mission on this earth.


Women just want to know what I do for work?

Tell them to guess!  This keeps a conversation going.  Have fun with it!  Tell them your an actor (adult movies), this takes them straight to thinking intimate thoughts about you.  Plus it gives you an edge. YES we all love a man with some edge!


What if I have no edge?

Find one.  Make it your hobby.  You like motorbikes - You’re now Biker Bob!  You’re an artist - paint a portrait of her!  You like tattoos - instant bad-ass!  You’re a collector - awesome, you’re passionate about something, which makes her feel like you’ll be just as passionate about her.  You’ll eventually find someone who shares you’re same passion.