Investing In a Matchmaker

What our matchmaking firm offers our clients:

  • Attractive & intelligent singles 
  • Like minded, quality singles
  • Professional guidance
  • Extensive prescreening and background checks 
  • Discreet & Confidential service
  • Feedback after your date and ongoing support
  • Hand pick & select your perfect match
  • Show pictures 
  • Coaching
  • International matches (If we do not have any in your location, we will refer you to a reputable company in your vicinity)

Once our matchmaker has gathered your criteria, she is able to identify your match without having to sift through hundreds of profiles.  We are very selective to ensure we have made a successful match.

With invaluable knowledge and experience the firm is hired by those who value their time, relationships, and privacy.

You hire a financial planner to invest your money, a realtor when investing in your home, a personal trainer when investing in your health. Single, relationship minded men and women come to Tessa Loren when investing in their life partner.