Keeping the relationship

How Staying In a Healthy Relationship Is Great For Your Health

Staying in a relationship is work!  It usually becomes work the moment you have taken your partner for granted.  Love and appreciation for your partner at all times, especially during the tough times is a must!  When I say tough times, I generally mean when the other has not displayed love.  If you're not in a healthy relationship, hence - mental, emotional and/or physical abuse then it is wise to remove yourself.  But other struggles such as not feeling appreciated, respected, admired but most of all loved, then this is where you both have to buckle down and communicate.  Communicate in any way you need to.  People all have different ways of communicating.  Some act out - looking for attention.  Some scream and shout - looking to be heard.  Some go into a time out and disappear for a small period of time (hour(s) - while they go cool down.  Some go silent - looking to be missed, and/or for attention.  Understanding how your partner communicates is half the battle.  You two may communicate in different ways, just understand how the other communicates so that you are able to communicate to them in a way they understand.  

We often communicate and act out the same way we did as adolescence.  Whatever worked for us as children, we still use as adults.

We were meant to be with a partner

We are meant to care, love, communicate, understand and serve others.  The one we choose as a partner is the one we look at to serve and compliment a part of us that we feel we are lacking.  The missing puzzle piece.  Having said that, it is not that we as an individual are lacking anything, we just want a partner that compliments us as a duo.  Someone we can confide in, trust, share intimate moments with, enjoy lives pleasures and treasures with.  To share every intimate detail of our life with.  So why is this so hard...?

It's not hard, we are just too self serving at times.  We become over judgemental, over critical, over sensitive, over zealous., over protective and then we put walls around us to the point where no one can get in and we say things like "there's no one out there for me!"  "All the good ones are taken!"  "My true love is not in this City!"  We make excuses to justify our own judgements to ensure that we are protecting ourselves.  How do we change this...?

We can change our beliefs by changing our thoughts.  If you think there is no one out there for you, you will literally find no one!  But if you have an open mind and allow someone wonderful to come into your life by simply holding back all judgement, criticism, try to ease up on being too sensitive or zealous and just focus on loving and appreciating others without expectations.  Then just watch what happens!  Your life doesn't change unless you change!

We all hold certain beliefs, whether true or not.  The wonderful thing is, we have choices and we can choose to believe whatever we want to.  Wouldn't it be easier and more rewarding to believe in the best as opposed to the worst?


Wanda Ewasiuk CMM is a Professional Matchmaker, RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapist) and CHt Certified Hypnotherapist.  To book Wanda for a session, click here..  You do not need to be a member of the Tessa Loren Matchmaking Firm to book Wanda.