Boyfriend In a Bag - Corporate Chuck

Boyfriend In a Bag - Corporate Chuck


Corporate Chuck finds you to be a high end yet promising investment, one he's willing to take a risk on.  But Chuck is no risk for you.  He's stable both financially and emotionally.  Loves an intellectual conversation while sipping on a fine wine!

Includes: 8x10 photo/wallet size photo/boyfriend bio/love letter/promise ring.

With 'Boyfriend In a Bag' you two are just as attached as your morning coffee.  You wake up with one another as he sits quietly and patiently for you to tell him all about last nights dream.  It's okay, you can tell him anything!  He won't judge you, mock you, make you feel uncomfortable or undesirable, he loves you!  He will always be there for you, on your nightstand, coffee table, work space, or wherever you choose to place your photo of your perfect boyfriend. 

A fun gift for yourself and/or a friend.

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