Here at the firm we have guidelines that we ask all our valued Members and Clients to follow.  We ask this so we can continue to have the success we do with our matches and maintain our high quality status with all Members involved.  We thank you for taking the time to read over this and respect our vision.


Once we feel you may be a match for one of our clients (men) we will contact you and will require a face-to-face meeting (via ~ Skype, FaceTime or Zoom).  At which point we will also fill you in on our client.  You may accept or deny the introduction.  We ask that everyone approach our process with an open mind and be willing to meet someone we feel would be a great match for you.  Once accepted, we then give our client your contact info (phone number).  We ask that NO text messages are exchanged between the two of you until after at least the third date.  

We follow 'old fashion' courtship and we believe in men being gentlemen and women being ladies.  Therefore, when he calls you to ask you on a date, we also encourage that he picks you up.  At this time, we are ok with you texting him your address so that he can google map it, otherwise, please NO TEXTING!

The next day (after your date) you are required to call Wanda Ewasiuk of Tessa Loren Matchmaking Firm and give her your feedback.  Open and honesty is much appreciated and welcomed here.  You are only asked to do this after your first date, not after each and every date.

Clients (men) are only allowed to meet one match at a time. If there is a mutual interest in each other, the courtship will continue.  If not, then our client will be introduced to another match.

Seeing other people on the side is hugely frowned upon here at the firm.  If we introduce you to a client, we expect you to be fully single and present!

All clients and members are with our firm because they are serious about achieving a long-term, committed relationship.  If you decide at some point this is not what you are looking for, please notify us.

When you've surpassed the third date and wish to text each other, we ask that you please keep it clean and respectful.  We are proud that we have quality singles that have dignity and integrity, whom are respectful of others and especially of themselves.  

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Thank you and much love to you!



Canada & USA


This contact form is for those inquiring (Media, Businesses, etc) If  you are single and looking to register click here.