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As a Relationship Expert I am here to guide you into the life of relationships.  We will strategize together to ensure success in your dating life and get it to the solid state of a happy, healthy, and long lasting love.  Let's get your king or queen. 

Book a one-on-one session with Wanda Ewasiuk, Professional Matchmaker and Relationship Expert & Therapist.  With her intuitive wisdom and her extraordinary expertise, she'll critique you and look at what needs to be altered for you to find your happily ever after. ~ Offered to both ladies and gentlemen.

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We are an Award-Winning Matchmaking Firm catering to executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and high profile singles from the ages of 25 - 70 years old who are seeking serious, long-term relationships.


We take male clients only.  Ladies are more than welcome to apply to be in our Matchmakers Club.




Our approach is like meeting through a trusted friend.  He picks her up from her home and takes her out for a nice, romantic date.  He is a gentleman, she is a lady.  They are both kind, gentle, and show respect for the other, as they are both in the same situation, all while feeling safe dating in our confidential and discreet matchmaking firm. 


Looking to find ever lasting love.  The one to enjoy the moments in life with, where communication exists, thoughtfulness, and respecting the others view points and opinions so they too can receive the same level of respect in return.  Where one can love and feel loved in return.  A safe place to date.

Welcome to a level of dating that you deserve.



Check out what others are saying about the Tessa Loren Matchmaking Firm.  Tessa Loren is one of the top Matchmaking Firms and Wanda Ewasiuk has made television appearances, along with radio and print.


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