Step 2

Once you've completed our online form and we have reviewed it, we then discuss whether we're a good fit for one another. If so, then meet in person to gather your criteria and customize a package best suited to your needs.

  • Meet with a Matchmaker to become a member (after you've been pre-approved, via online form or over the phone)
  • Fill out background check
  • Receive a 'Welcome' email from Tessa Loren Firm once background check has been completed and cleared
  • You will be contacted by the firm once we have a match for you

Background checks are administered on each and every single when accepted into the firm.

We do not use a computer generated system. It is all done with our in-house experts.

Once you've been accepted, we then start working on your behalf.

At this point, we get you set up, interview you to find out what exactly you are seeking, what you are attracted to, what qualities you most admire, in order to help in our search for your special love.