Step 3

You are now a member of the Tessa Loren Matchmaking Firm!

Sit back and know that we are seeking on your behalf.  Once we have a match, we then contact you either by phone or text to let you know about your match.  We show a picture and tell you a little bit about him/her.  You have the right to either accept or decline.  We ask that all members be open and willing to meet with their match.  You never really get to know anyone by a picture and a third party.  It's a must to meet with them to get to know them.  Then go from there ...

We do not use any computer algorithms to match our members.  It is all done in person by our certified Professional Matchmaker.

While you get to sit back and relax, we will contact you once we have a match.

Some time may be taken throughout this process but we can guarantee you that we never send anyone out on a date, just for the sake of a date, they Must Match according to our methods.

Once we contact you with  your match, it's time to get excited! You are about to meet someone amazing!

We do our absolute best when matching, that is our expertise, however, we cannot guarantee chemistry, that's between the two of you!