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Relationship Advice

I would like to take this time to say thank you for opening up and trusting this process.  I know for some, you may have approached this idea with some trepidation and let me just say that we feel honoured that you chose us to help assist you in this area of your life.  It is one of the most challenging areas as it is the most intimate of all.  Letting someone into our most personal affairs can be both scary and exciting.  So lets go with exciting, it feels better!


I ask that you go into each step of this process with not only an open mind, but most importantly, an open heart.  Allow the other person to get to know you too while you get to know them.  Try your best to not be so quick to judge as you too would want the same from them.

I ask that you completely remove old memories of hurt, disappointment and any form of resentment of past relationships.  In other words, DO NOT let your exes relationship problems become yours!  Example, if they were an abuser, that is NOT your issue so don’t make it yours and everyone else's, if there was infidelity, do NOT make it your issue, and everyone else’s, if they had any type of substance abuse, do NOT make it yours, or anyone else’s. We tend to get caught up in the past by playing it over and over again and saying such things as, "well … I’ll tell you what I DON’T want".  The more you focus on what you don’t want is the more you’ll get it! Watch carefully what you focus on as it will only draw more attention to it.  When we’re hanging onto the old, we don’t make room for the new.  Time to clean out your mental closet for a fresh new start.  


So I challenge you to act, speak and behave in such a way that you’ve never had any negative past experiences, and move forward with ease and excitement. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but Wanda, those things DID happen in my life and its good because now I know what to look out for.  Well, those things happening were a positive because you’ve come to realize what you truly DO want so you can focus on those wonderful things.  You see, it’s just a slight tweaking we’re doing here. Simple.  Change the perspective, change the outcome.  


Know the kind of relationship you desire, including values, and things that are important to you and stay consistent and focused upon the end results that you want and never mind all the details in between, leave the details to us.  Stay positive, stay excited, stay in constant anticipation with an attitude of gratitude and just watch what happens.  Know that the love of your life will be presented to you in a timely manner, whether its through us or some other avenue.


Much love to you. 

The Eight Relationship Types

The Naive and Innocent

This is our humble beginnings, we all start here.


The Victim

Not taking responsibility and instead, nothing is my fault.  Circumstances are beyond my control and always messing me up relationship wise.


The Warrior

Fights and conquers the relationship world, and is often successful when it comes to relationships, yet rarely contented or satisfied with their relationship.


The Hero

Denies oneself for the needs of another, rarely thinking about themselves.


The Fool

The players, womanizers and/or manizers who are soon parted when any type of relationship comes their way.


The Creator/Artist

Artistic or even spiritual, ambivalent towards relationships, a struggle between being attracted to it and repulsed by it at the same time.


The Tyrant

Uses their relationship to dominate and control.  Life of constant conflict as a result of this.


The Magician

The most ideal.  Understands how to create healthy, loving relationships.